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Why to enter a market, when you can create one!
Business models, not products, are disruptive.
99% of brilliant concepts never materialize. The 1% is today’s Google, Netflix, Uber, Apple, Airbnb... They are vibrant, daring and authentic, and often are challenger brands, operating unseen below the radar until it is too late for the competition to react to their ascendency.

Understanding disruption is hard. Disrupting is even harder.

We are the enablers of leveraging great concepts into a reality. Our aim is to come up with unique business plans to capitalize the market with brilliant disruptive ideas from 1%. Disruptive Ventures has the capacity to monetize ideas, identify markets to launch concepts, and act as a catalyst of merging ideas with investors, and professionals that will shape them to products and services, with ethos, and ethical standards.


Change the business plan, change the market

We incubate ventures that solve real problems, with teams that are committed to succeed, in markets that have high growth potential.


We have what it takes to monetize ideas, identify markets to launch concepts, and act as a catalyst.


Global Experience within multitude of industries and markets within all developmental states.

Agility with wisdom

Blue Chip experience married with Entrepreneurial acumen and pragmatic mindset.


Marrying Investors with Concepts, and Market Realities.


Non-believers of vision impossibilities, but realists on implementation potentialities.


Accessibility to a large array of specialized expertise in shaping concepts to strategic paths and implementable plans.


current ventures we are working on

Globe Housing

Affordable, Fast Production, Scalable Housing Unit


High Load Capacity, Long Range Drone for Logistics and Agro

Commodities Trading

Commodities Trading from African regions with emphasis on Copper, Gold, and Cobalt.

Prized Mobile Trivia Game

Mobile live online prized contest for B2C

Waste Management Project

Managing Organic, Plastic and other wastes and turning into Energy


Real-time Driver Assistance Service

Dialysis Solution Production Plant

Manufacturing and Production of Dialysis Solution

Pyrolysis System

Thermal decomposition of materials at elevated temperatures to convert plastic waste into valuable, energy-bearing liquid oil, gas and char.


Patent ready technology providing effective low-cost way to remove damages of sulfur

Bat Guano

Guano Harvesting and Processing Plant for production of Organic Fertilizer

Disposal of Plastic

Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Project Ares

Gamified, AI-Powered, on-Demand Cybersecurity Training Platform


Accurate, real-time detection and disruption of drones attacks or espionage.

Human Security Radar

A fully automatic walk-through system that screens people in real time for hidden explosive threats and firearms.

Smart Thermal Batteries

Latent Heat Storage for Cold Chain Storage and Transportation

Indoor Positioning Analytics

Tracking devices via signals from cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with utmost precision

Discount and Promotion App

Loyalty App for local deals and daily discounts from your computer or phone

why kenya

50% of the region’s GDP


Strong FDI Inflow


Gateway to East and Central African region


 Signatory to Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency


Well educated, English-speaking and extremely adaptable labor force


Increasing investment in infrastructure under PPP arrangements


extensive report on why you should be considering doing business in africa and kenya 

minds behind disruptive ventures

Tassos Frangou

Founder & CEO

Tassos Frangou, a founding partner of Disruptive Ventures, has over 25 years of experience working across the globe in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

A C-suite leader, Tassos has been involved with multi-billion dollar blue-chip corporate companies, private equity firms, and private businesses. Among key sectors, he has worked in include the FMCG, Construction, Petroleum, Power, Hospitality, Real Estate, Media, Construction and Financial Services, among others.

Tassos recently worked as Group CEO and member of the board of Janus Continental Group. Previously, has worked as Group COO and CFO for Super-max at different times and as a Divisional Finance Director at Coca-Cola system. Before that, he worked as the Group CFO and Business Development officer at Russian Standard Vodka Group and Regional Finance Director at Bacardi Group among other senior global appointments.

He also developed his consulting practice focused on global corporate business development, financial and organizational restructuring, turn around strategies, project funding, the establishment of new businesses and new revenue streams among others.

He holds a Master of Business Administration in Marketing (honors) from California State University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (honors).

Cagatay Hamamcioglu


Çağatay Hamamcıoğlu, a founding partner of Disruptive Ventures, has over 24 years of experience working across the globe in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Born Entrepreneur, with passion and motivation, always had the itch to come up with something, and do something great. His carrier began around 1994 right after college. He worked in various cross-functional teams in the corporate world before he realized the urge to make his ideas come to life assuming full responsibility for its execution, success, or failure.

In the year 2003, he founded a one-stop-shop Marketing & Communication company servicing countless multinational corporations, NGOs and inserting himself into startups such as innovative structural and space designs, disruptive IT technologies. He is also holding a non-executive position with an International Publishing Company and one of the founder members of a Healthcare Tech Company.

His working experience is in various industries such as IT, Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Energy, and Power, among others.

Cagatay holds an M.B.A. in Marketing at Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing from California State University-Bakersfield.

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